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Buy Kinkajou (Male) online

Lifestyle: Nocturnal

Habitat: Rain Forest/Arboreal

Diet: Frugivorous

Care Level: Expert

Buy Kinkajou (Male) online: In the tropical jungles of Costa Rica and other parts of South America lives the elusive kinkajou. These highly intelligent mammals spend the majority of their lives high in the forest canopy eating fruit and honey. Their fondness of high sugar foods has led to their common nickname the « Honey Bear ». As pets these animals bond strongly to their owners and require a tremendous amount of time and attention to care for. They also require a large living space akin to a bedroom. If you are interested in taking care of a fruit eating tree toddler then a kinkajou just might be the pet for you!

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Buy Kinkajou (Male) online

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Common Name: Kinkajou

Scientific Name: Potos Flavus

General Information: Kinkajous originate from tropical forests of central and south America, where they spend most of their time in the trees.  They can make an amazing pet if raised properly and from early on.  They love to climb and require a large enclosure with many toys for enrichment and mental stimulation.



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