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Buy Ferrets, Non-Marshalls

Common Name: Ferret (Marshalls)

Scientific Name: Mustela Putorius Furo

General Information: Ferrets originate from Europe & Asia.

They are very social and love to play. Ferrets usually get along with other animals their size or larger, however, they are predators so are not good around other small animals. The average lifespan is 8 – 12 years old. Adult size is approximate 12″ – 16″.

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Exotic pets for sale, Ferrets

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Diet: We feed a high protein blend mixed in the store.

Price: Normally, $599.99

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Permit: No permit is needed for Florida or Alabama residents!

Buy Ferrets, Transport: Can’t pickup your pet? Not a problem! We offer transport to any legal US state excluding Hawaii & Alaska. If you need your pet shipped, be sure to add pet transport to your cart seperately before checking out. Most Florida routes are done by us. Transport to other states is provided by KD’s transport. She is a USDA licensed transporter who will pickup your pet from our store, and safely delivery to you. She does ask you text the first time so she has a record of your name, what you’re getting and where you are located.

Pet Boarding: We do not charge a boarding fee for the first 7 days. If you need more than 7 days to pickup such as if you are waiting for your permit, coordinating transport and waiting for the next available route, or planning a trip to pickup from out of state, etc., it’s just $60 for every week there after to help cover the cost of caring for your pet.

Notes: Sex, color and markings will vary.

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Ferrets can make an amazing pet! With a little patience they can even be litter trained!

First vaccination!
Scent glad has been removed!

Exotic pets for sale

* Color & sex will vary. If you need your pet shipped, be sure to add pet transport to your cart seperately before checking out.


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Buy ferrets online, exotic animals for saleBuy Ferrets, Non-Marshalls