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Lifestyle: Diurnal

Habitat: Grassland

Diet: Herbivorous

Care Level: Beginner

Buy domestic rabbit: Rabbits have been domestic pets for over 200 years now, showing just how much people love these fluffy creatures. Rabbits are easy to care for and make terrific house pets just like cats or dogs. Rabbits are full of personality and show a broad range of emotions to their owners making their needs easier to understand. If you have the proper time and space to commit to a house rabbit of your own, you surely won’t regret it!

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Buy Domestic Rabbit

I might be slightly biased, but I think that Nethies are the absolute cutest pets in the world. That being said, my love extends to all rabbit breeds, and many other pets as well, but this article is about our specialty at Breadbox Rabbitry, the Netherland Dwarf rabbit.

Netherlands are one of the smallest breeds of rabbit weighing in at around 1.5-2.5 pounds. They have a distinctive compact appearance with a stocky body, short legs, a chubby round head, a shallow snout and wide face, large eyes, and tiny upright, rounded ears. These features are due to them being a “true” dwarf breed, in that they carry the dwarf gene. They have standard length fur and come in many colors. Even as full grown rabbits they still have youthful features and will always look like a “baby.” This has made them quite a popular breed for pet owners and fanciers alike.

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